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Angry Warrington Taxi Drivers Tired Of Dealing With Drunk & Abusive Passengers Alone | Taxi Rank

Hot! Angry Warrington Taxi Drivers Tired Of Dealing With Drunk & Abusive Passengers Alone

The Warrington Hackney Drivers and Owners Association chairman, Bruno Bielizna, spoke out on behalf of frustrated taxi drivers in the area who have accused police of not helping them at the weekend. Drivers are fed up with having to deal with abuse, threats, racism and non-payment of fares on Friday and Saturday nights. Although the police are calling on drivers to report any crimes committed against them, Bielizna says that this is not enough because drivers are still likely to be victims of criminal behaviour.

He spoke of the frustration felt by taxi drivers when they were faced with numerous drunk passengers without police assistance. As cab drivers work alone, they are easy targets because there is no one to help them out. He accused the police of deliberately leaving drivers alone because it stopped thugs from causing trouble in town. Instead, they target taxi drivers. Bielizna also spoke of the worrying increase in fare-dodging. He said that people hire taxis, get to their destination and then claim that they don’t have money to pay. In many cases, he believes this is nonsense because they have money for alcohol and takeaway food.

According to Stephen Harper, a cab driver with vast experience, the courts are nowhere near firm enough when it comes to handing out punishments to passengers who are drunk and cause criminal damage. Harper gave a recent example to illustrate his point. He locked two drunks in his cab after they refused to pay a fare. The driver went straight to the police station but on the way, the duo in the cab tried to kick open his vehicle and set fire to it.

Despite their appalling behaviour and the fact they were arrested, the only punishment they received was a £200 fine which could be paid in weekly instalments of £5. This disappointed Harper who has little faith in the justice system. Although he has no intention of changing vocation, he does admit that his family worry about his safety. The driver concluded by asking the council to put a percentage of the taxi license fees they collect towards the installation of CCTV on hackney carriages.

Richard Strachan is a police Chief Superintendent in the area and acknowledged the important role played by taxi drivers in the night time economy of Warrington because they are the only way for residents to get home securely. He also admitted that drivers are likely to be the target of criminal behaviour from drunk passengers and would have to deal with a certain number of incidents. However, he denies allegations that the police are not helping and emphasised that the safety of drivers is top of the list of police priorities. He praised the local police for taking swift action against those who commit crimes against taxi drivers and urged cabbies to report any incidents as soon as possible.

Source: thisischeshire.co.uk

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