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Beaten Halifax Taxi Driver Speaks From Hospital Bed | Taxi Rank

Hot! Beaten Halifax Taxi Driver Speaks From Hospital Bed

Imran Ali, a taxi driver in Halifax, was attacked and savagely beaten last Friday night. The assault has unfortunately traumatised the driver so badly that he has quit the industry and will never take another cab fare. The assault was unprovoked and the attackers’ motivation is unclear as they did not steal any money. The vicious attack left Mr. Ali with a leg broken in three places.

He spoke to a local newspaper and explained that he had been a driver for seven years but had never experienced any problems of this nature. He is now convinced that taxi driving is not for him as he does not want a profession that places him in danger on a regular basis. Mr. Ali is married and has two children and knows that this incident has also affected them. He will undergo an operation this week, will not be able to stand upright for four weeks and will be unable to drive any kind of vehicle for six months.

The incident happened near Lurch Close when two men walked out in front of the taxi, forcing Mr. Ali to stop suddenly. The driver explained to the duo that he was in the process of completing a fare and could not help them but did suggest that they seek another cab. According to Mr. Ali, the men pulled him out of the cab and started beating him. Once the assault had been completed, the men ran away and Mr. Ali called the police.

According to detectives, Mr. Ali was just unlucky as the assault seemed to have no motive. It was probably a classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The police have asked anyone who witnessed the assault to get in touch with them immediately. They are also interested in talking to other taxi drivers in the area because it is believed that the men escaped in another taxi soon after. Mr. Ali’s attackers are said to be in their late teens or early twenties. The attack happened shortly before 11.30pm on 13 April.

Source: halifaxcourier.co.uk

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