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Blackburn Taxi Drivers To Be Hit By License Fee Increase | Taxi Rank

Hot! Blackburn Taxi Drivers To Be Hit By License Fee Increase

Blackburn taxi drivers are the latest to be hit with a proposed license fee increase. The Darwen Council hopes to increase license fees by almost 3%. A 12 month license would increase to over £191 for private hire vehicles whereas Hackney Carriage drivers would be forced to pay £230 per year. However, drivers in the area claim that they are already being hurt by rising costs with fuel and maintenance charges highlighted. They are asking council chiefs to drop the proposed rises.

According to the chairman of the Hackney Drivers Association Limited, Charlie Oakes, the taxi trade in the area is at an all-time low. He said that the current economic downturn is forcing everyone to think carefully about their spending habits. He continued by pointing out that the taxi trade all over the United Kingdom was at its worst ever level and blamed a lack of forward planning for the current situation. According to Mr. Oakes, Blackburn itself is experiencing a rise in tourism but the taxi trade is not feeling the benefit, especially with changes in the law.

He said that the major increase in the price of fuel is causing cab drivers serious financial difficulty. He went on to criticise the council by saying they are reneging on their promise to help the trade. Mr. Oakes concluded by saying that the best way to help the trade would be to waive this possible increase. The Licensing Committee of the Darwen Council will discuss the potential fee rise in detail this week. The fee would come into effect in April 2012 if the measure is approved.

Source: bbc.co.uk

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