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Blind Woman Claims Cab Driver Mocked Her And Dropped Her In Wrong Place | Taxi Rank

Hot! Blind Woman Claims Cab Driver Mocked Her And Dropped Her In Wrong Place

Lisa Medgett is blind and suffers from epilepsy and was furious when a cab driver dropped her off in the wrong location where she was stranded and alone. She claims that the cab driver mocked her disability by saying it was her own fault that she was blind. She also states that the cabbie laughed at her for being unable to recognise landmarks.

Medgett lives in Burnt Ash Hill and was dropped off in Downham even though she had requested a lift to Bromley. She cried once she realised what had happened but fortunately, a kind hearted individual spotted her in trouble and was able to help. According to Medgett, the driver was extremely abusive and was continually insulting her while trying to sneakily earn extra cash. She said that the driver goaded her and suggested that she should know where she is.

Even more scandalous is the fact that the driver allegedly looked for £50 when the original journey should only have cost £9. The driver, who was working for Sure Cabs, said that she was in Bromley but when she got out of the taxi, she felt lost. A passer-by explained to her that she was in Downham. This individual called the police on her behalf and Medgett used a different taxi to get to her mother’s home. She is irate because the driver dumped her by a petrol station in the wrong town. She was given cups of sweet tea because she was in shock.

Michael Ellis, manager of Sure Cars, claims that miscommunication caused the error and pointed out that the passenger was reimbursed for her journey. This is Medgett’s second bad experience with public transport after being mugged on a bus. She admitted that people with disabilities get treated differently and are targeted by unscrupulous individuals. Since the incident, she has only been out once and didn’t enjoy it as her confidence has been badly shaken.

According to Ellis, the situation has been resolved and in his opinion, miscommunication was the problem. He claims that the language barrier could have caused the misunderstanding because the driver stated that Medgett seemed happy to have been dropped off. Medgett claims that Ellis threatened her with legal action for speaking to the local newspaper, an allegation he strenuously denies.

Source: newsshopper.co.uk

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