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Bristol Taxi Drivers Achieve Gold Standard | Taxi Rank

Hot! Bristol Taxi Drivers Achieve Gold Standard

We are not talking about taxi drivers trying to make their fortune from speculating on the gold markets, this is a story about 60 Bristol cab drivers who have become known as ‘gold standard’ drivers thanks to their special customer care training. The Bristol City Council decided that they wanted a higher standard from their cab drivers and organised training for drivers of Hackney cabs and private cabs in the city. The training took place at Easton Leisure Centre.

The licensing department of the council introduced the training in 2010 and in that time, more than 200 drivers have successfully completed the course and are now considered to be ‘gold standard’ drivers. The course taught drivers basic literacy, map reading and numeracy skills. However, the chief focus was on meeting the needs of disabled passengers and overall customer care.

According to Geoff Gollop, the Lord Mayor of Bristol, this is an unusual course insofar as it teaches drivers how to offer an incredibly high standard of service to all customers with special attention given to disabled passengers. The Lord Mayor hopes that this training leads to an improvement in the standard of taxi service in the city so that all passengers can have a safe and relaxing journey.

David Morris, a city councillor and also chairman of the public safety protection committee in Bristol, stated that the course was specifically created to ensure that cab drivers are excellent representatives and ambassadors of the city of Bristol. He believes it is essential to have great drivers as representatives to encourage more visitors to spend time in the city. Guy Poultney, former council member, said that the course was a terrific idea and it was great to see taxi drivers gain deserved praise. He concluded by emphasising the importance of the taxi trade in the city.

Source: thisisbristol.co.uk

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