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Bulwell Gang Terrify & Rob Taxi Driver | Taxi Rank

Hot! Bulwell Gang Terrify & Rob Taxi Driver

A gang of thugs attacked a taxi driver and robbed him at knifepoint, an ordeal which has caused the driver to quit the profession. He had pulled up in Nine Acre Gardens shortly after midnight earlier this month where he was waiting for a passenger before suddenly being attacked. Five men came up to the cab, which was a private hire vehicle, and jumped in. Three of the thugs went into the back seat while the other two sat in the front where one pulled a knife on the driver.

The driver said that the knife was held to his throat and the gang asked for money. He said that he had his hands by the knife in an attempt to keep it from pushing down on his throat. The terrified cabbie stated that he wanted a safe life and would be quitting the profession. He gave £300 to the gang in notes before they noticed another £100 in the change bag. The driver was cut with the knife and punched in the head by the gang who made off with the change bag.

The driver has worked for County Cars since 2010 and received treatment from the Queen’s Medical Centre after he had called the police. He required six stitches in total and feared for his life.

Bryan Roland, the Private Hire Association’s general secretary, stated that an increased number of taxi drivers have been attacked recently and he is worried that this trend will continue to escalate. He says that the violence perpetrated against cab drivers is getting worse and believed that Nottingham is one of the worst locations in the UK for this type of behaviour.

There is no clear cut explanation as to why the number of drivers being attacked has increased so dramatically but Roland believes that extending the opening hours of various bars and clubs has coincided with the increased attacks. The result is that the public consume more alcohol than they did before with some individuals drinking until dawn. As cab drivers have to ferry these individuals home, they are usually on the receiving end of bawdy drunken behaviour.

So far this year, approximately 230 drivers have reported assaults. This is 60 more than the whole of last year already. Police stated that while they were investigating this latest incident, they had no figures available relating to the number of drivers being attacked in Nottingham.

Source: thisisnottingham.co.uk

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