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Cab Driver Caught With Fake Passport When Trying To Open Bank Account | Taxi Rank

Hot! Cab Driver Caught With Fake Passport When Trying To Open Bank Account

Shah Hussain is a taxi driver in the Tunstall area and has landed himself in extremely hot water after being found guilty of using a fake passport in order to open a bank account. The passport he used was a false Pakistani one with the name Abid Sherif. Clearly, he believed the forgery was good enough to help him open an account with the HSBC but he reckoned without the keen eyes of the bank’s staff who immediately saw it as a fake.

Once they were sure that it was indeed a forgery, the police were called and Hussain was arrested. Peter Cooper was the prosecutor and told the Crown Court at Stoke-on-Trent that Hussain was clearly trying to deceive bank officials. When in custody, Hussain tried to get out of trouble by saying that the photograph he used was of his brother.

However, his luck was out when an expert was called in and confirmed that it was a fake. Hussain then tried to claim that he was only trying to open an account for someone else and that he told the bank clerk his real name. He denied charges of possessing an identification document with improper intention but despite his protestations, Hussain was found guilty by a jury last week.

Paul Glenn is the judge in the case and is looking for a report to be filed on Hussain before a further judgement is made. Judge Glenn admitted that Hussain is likely to be sentenced to further custody and also ordered the guilty party to stay in custody until the report is filed because he believes there is a serious risk of Hussain fleeing if released.

Source: thisisstaffordshire.co.uk

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