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Cab Driver Enjoys Novel Success | Taxi Rank

Hot! Cab Driver Enjoys Novel Success

It would appear that cabbie David Hollingsworth is a man of many talents. He is already an extremely popular taxi driver in Billericay and has now found success in the field of writing. He works for Mayflower Taxis but is a keen author in his spare time and managed to complete his debut novel, ‘The Party’ recently. It is a crime fiction novel that wasn’t picked up by agents or publishers.

However, this did not perturb Hollingsworth as he elected to self-publish the book. His perseverance was rewarded as the book has now sold almost 7,000 copies on Amazon. He admits being pleasantly surprised that his paperback book has taken off. He believes that authors in the modern era have very little chance of getting either an agent or a publisher.

As a cabbie, Hollingsworth sometimes has periods of waiting for customers and instead of just idly passing the time, he likes to write ideas down while in his cab and bring them to life later on. The taxi driver has a big interest in crime fiction and fell in love with the genre at a young age while reading The Godfather. He uses the pen name J. D. Carter and says that the book is inspired by his upbringing in the East End before making the move to Billericay.

Hollingsworth says that the idea for the book came to his head at a party where he hurriedly wrote it down on a beer mat. He was ably assisted by the Billericay Writers’ Group in completing the book though the only publicity it has received has come via Twitter and Facebook. The author says that while the novel is gritty, it has plenty of humour and strong female characters. He was also delighted to find that 50 copies of the book were sold in the United States. It can be purchased on Amazon or Apple’s online store.

Source: basildonrecorder.co.uk

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