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Cab Driver In Redcar Accused Of Leaving Five Year Old Boy Alone | Taxi Rank

Hot! Cab Driver In Redcar Accused Of Leaving Five Year Old Boy Alone

Kimberley Hunter is irate at J&P Taxis as she accused one of the firm’s drivers of leaving her 5 year old boy Rhys alone on the side of the road. The cabbie in question is one of the school-run taxi drivers. Since Kimberley has went back to work in the last couple of months, Rhys’ dad Christopher has been responsible for the regular school run in the morning while drivers from J&P Taxis have been in charge of the afternoon run.

A J&P Driver picks Rhys up from a primary school in Markse and brings him to a nursery in Redcar until Kimberley comes and collects him. Around two weeks ago, Kimberley said that Rhys was left with the teachers at his school for more than 30 minutes because a taxi they had booked did not turn up. Yet on 27 November, a scary Tuesday afternoon for Kimberley, she arrived at the nursery only to find that her son had been left outside all by himself. The tearful mother said that it could easily have been the last day she ever saw her son and is fuming at the lack of care shown by the J&P cab driver.

According to Kimberley, Rhys told her that the driver on that day dropped him off and simply drove away without bothering to see if anyone collected him. Fortunately, Rhys was clever enough to go to the door of the nursery and a staff member let him in. The nursery manager confirmed the story and said that a staff member had heard a knock on the door and found Rhys outside by himself.

Each week, Kimberley goes into the taxi firm, books the days Rhys needs in advance and pays the money up front. The agreement is that the cab driver picks up Rhys, signs for him and takes him safely to the nursery staff. Kimberley described the conduct of the cab driver as ‘disgusting’. She said that J&P Taxis were picked because all drivers have a stringent Criminal Record Background (CRB) check performed. She said that she trusted them with her son only to find that he was dumped on the side of the road. Kimberley also complained that she has not heard from the firm’s manager despite contacting him several days ago.

She continued by saying that she didn’t complain the previous week when they failed to show up at the school at all. According to Kimberley, staff at J&P apologised for that incident and claimed Rhys would be a ‘high priority’ fare only to be let down badly. Since the incident, a nursery member has picked Rhys up from the school. The owner of J&P Taxis has thus far refused to comment.

Source: gazettelive.co.uk

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