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Cab Driver In Winkhill Racially Abused By Passenger | Taxi Rank

Hot! Cab Driver In Winkhill Racially Abused By Passenger

Taxi driver Khalid Mahmood suffered racial abuse at the hands of passenger Samuel Bradbury as he drove the teenager home after a night of drinking. Bradbury asked to be taken to Leek from Hanley but suddenly became aggressive on the journey, demanding his money back. Mahmood was so worried by Bradbury’s behaviour that he actually returned £5 to the passenger before stopping the cab at a road accident scene where he saw police.

The case was heard at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court where the judge heard how Bradbury got into the taxi and paid the requested £21 advance fee. Heather Chamberlin was the prosecutor in the case and said that Bradbury began talking to the taxi driver, explaining how he believed that the journey would only cost about £2 in a car. Bradbury then asked Mahmood where he was from. After the cabbie replied ‘Sheldon’, the passenger proceeded to tell the driver that he shouldn’t be in the country taking jobs from other people.

As Bradbury became more agitated, Mahmood tried to calm the situation by promising a partial refund if the journey ended up costing less than originally stated. Yet this did not placate the defendant who demanded £5 immediately or else he would teach the cabbie a lesson. Mahmood saw that an accident had taken place on the road and he seized the opportunity to stop the cab and run over to police officers for help.

Bradbury has no prior convictions but pleaded guilty to theft and affray. Mahmood has been a taxi driver for over 20 years and he claimed that he had never felt so afraid in all this time as he believed Bradbury was going to commit an act of violence. Paul Cliff was mitigating and he said that the defendant is extremely remorseful. Cliff said that Bradbury had consumed too much alcohol and was not able to control himself. Cliff admitted that the defendant has had a stable upbringing and his parents are extremely upset with his behaviour. However, they continue to support him.

Judge Paul Glenn told Bradbury that he had come very close to receiving jail time and imposed an 18 month community order. Judge Glenn told Bradbury that a few moments of stupidity almost ruined his life. Bradbury was also told to complete 200 hours of community work, pay £1,200 in court costs, give Mahmood £300 in compensation and is also subject to a 10am-5pm curfew for a total of 3 months.

Source: thisisstaffordshire.co.uk

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