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Cab Driver Jailed For Sexual Assault | Taxi Rank

Hot! Cab Driver Jailed For Sexual Assault

Colin Dance, a cab driver from Exmouth, has been given a seven and a half year jail sentence for a series of sexual assaults on a young girl over a period of seven years from when she was just 7 years old. He is the fourth member of his family to be jailed for sexual assault on a child and his conviction comes as a result of a police investigation into the suicide of his sister in 1989.

His older brother Maurice was cleared in a separate trial in Exeter where he had been accused of sexually abusing a girl almost 30 years ago when she was just 3 years old. The details of these cases can only be heard by the public now that further charges against Maurice Dance were dropped and the court order lifted. When police reopened the case of their sister’s suicide, the net closed in on the brothers. Their sister Belinda Day committed suicide over 20 years ago by jumping off a cliff. She left behind three children and her body was recently exhumed as a new inquiry took place.

Her father William, who died 40 years ago, had once been in jail for sexual abuse against a child. Belinda’s son Carl Leslie was also jailed in 2011 for paedophile offences. One of her brothers, Adrian, was given a 21 year jail sentence in 2010 for a series of sexual assaults and rapes that were perpetrated in the 1980s.

At the trial of Colin Dance, the court heard how he forced a young girl to engage in sexual acts with him after telling her parents that he would look after her while they were working. At that time, he worked as a truck driver and he forced her to perform sex acts in lay-bys in the East Devon area.

Judge Graham Cottle told him that he was finally being brought to justice for his vile deeds after many years of freedom. Judge Cottle noted that Dance used the girl as a sexual object and used her to obtain his sexual gratification as and when he wanted. He also noted that Dance was physically imposing to the young girl so he didn’t need to threaten her with violence because she was already terrified of him. From the age of 7, this young girl was used and abused by Dance according to the judge. He concluded by stating that Dance’s behaviour was appalling and had a massive effect on the young girl’s life.

Dance claims that the girl invented the entire story. His defence counsel, Kelly Scrivener, said that there was no evidence of her client abusing any children before or since and the background check performed on him when he applied for a job as a taxi driver for deaf children revealed nothing. His brother Maurice walked free after the Crown submitted no further evidence against him once he was found not guilty during the first trial.

Source: thisiscornwall.co.uk

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