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Cab Drivers In Consett To Work With Police | Taxi Rank

Hot! Cab Drivers In Consett To Work With Police

Consett taxi drivers are set to help the police in a bid to reduce the amount of trouble in the area over the festive season. Cabbies will keep an eye out for trouble and inform the police as soon as possible when they see an incident. Taxi drivers are the perfect operatives because they work late at night and pick up passengers in areas where there may be crimes committed by drunken individuals or groups. They have agreed to radio the police if they spot any offences.

Taxi drivers in Consett can now contact Project Genesis CCTV operators via walkie-talkie. These operators will then use their cameras to zoom in on trouble spots and gain video evidence of any crimes being committed. It is believed that this partnership could initially increase the number of prosecutions and ultimately reduce the area’s crime rate. The police and taxi drivers have decided to act because there have been a number of violent attacks outside Consett nightclubs and bars in the last few years along with an increase in the number of drunken disturbances.

According to Scott Ruddick of the local police force, cab drivers will act as an extra pair of eyes and ears on the Consett streets to help police find suspects on CCTV and enable them to quickly locate perpetrators of crimes. He emphasised the fact that cabbies must not act as heroes and attempt to stop an assault or other criminal activity. Their role is to point police in the right direction.

There are five main taxi firms in Consett and only A1 Cabs has decided not to participate. The owner of Jackson’s cab firm, Mandy Scott, believes that this initiative will lower the rate of crime in particular areas of Consett which is why her drivers were keen to help. She says that the cooperation of the drivers will ensure that criminals are caught much faster.

It is also hoped that this police link will also reduce the number of attacks on cab drivers. Jim McGuigan is an experienced taxi driver and is delighted to be part of the plan. He believes that it will reduce the crime rate and thinks it is necessary because he knows that a lot of criminal activity takes place at the weekend. Although he said major issues rarely happen, he is still in favour of the plan because it will help taxi drivers.

Source: thenorthernecho.co.uk

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