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Cab Drivers In Southend Want CCTV: But They Don’t Want To Pay For It! | Taxi Rank

Hot! Cab Drivers In Southend Want CCTV: But They Don’t Want To Pay For It!

It seems as if taxi drivers in Southend want to have their cake and eat it. They like the idea of being allowed to install CCTV in their cabs but refuse to pay extra for the privilege. The Southend Council recently issued a survey to find out how popular CCTV in cabs would be and almost 70% of taxi drivers welcomed the idea. Members of the council believe that the cameras would protect drivers from attacks by violent passengers and also help cabbies fight false allegations against them.

Despite their support for the idea, 50% of drivers don’t want cameras to be compulsory and 75% don’t want to pay for it. The president of the local Taxi Drivers association, Dave Clift, said that he has had CCTV in his taxi for a long time and has found it to be a very effective tool. He stated that video evidence can be used in court cases and investigations by the police and that CCTV provides peace of mind for both driver and passenger. Yet Clift believes that each driver should be allowed to make the choice without being forced into it.

CCTV has become popular in cabs worldwide as it has found to be a great way to settle disputes. A CCTV system records passengers in the back seat and the driver  while also picking up sound. 66% of taxi drivers stated that CCTV would add an element of safety to their job. Yet a little over 20% of drivers in the survey of 142 drivers said that they would be willing to pay for it themselves.

Tino Callaghan has been driving for over 30 years in Southend and was the first driver in the area to install CCTV cameras. Callaghan now sells devices to other cabbies, charging around £300. He installed his system in 2000 and says that drivers in nations such as Hong Kong and South Korea have embraced the advent of CCTV cameras. He says that the idea is finally catching on in Britain and believes that the cameras are worth the price for the service they provide.

A number of councils in the UK have already made CCTV cameras compulsory for cab drivers. A spokesperson for Southend Council claims that there are no plans for compulsory installation of cameras at this time. However, it is something that may be implemented in years to come.

Source: www.echo-news.co.uk

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