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Cabbie Convicted Of Vicious Assault Has Jail Sentence Cut | Taxi Rank

Hot! Cabbie Convicted Of Vicious Assault Has Jail Sentence Cut

We previously mentioned the case of Martin Gregory Smith, the cab driver who received an 8 year jail sentence for attacking a football supporter and possessing an offensive weapon. However, his lawyers have successfully appealed against the severity of the sentence which has been reduced to 6 years. They argued that Smith’s wife was ill and needed her husband at home as soon as possible.

Smith was jailed for a ferocious assault on a Cardiff City football fan with a fire extinguisher. The cabbie claimed that the victim hurled a beer bottle at his cab though a witness states that it was accidental. The victim was dragged out of a friend’s car by Smith who began to beat him in the head with the fire extinguisher. The victim’s friend and another bystander arrived on the scene and put and end to the assault. It is said that the victim suffered major psychological problems after the attack.

Smith left the scene and thoroughly cleaned his cab’s fire extinguisher or else he purchased a new one before the police were able to test it forensically. The taxi driver’s legal team asked for a reduction in the sentence because his wife suffers from sickle cell anaemia and depression and needs him at home. Smith’s solicitor asked the judge to end the suffering of the Smith family as soon as possible.

The judge on the case, Mr Justice Irwin, noted that Smith was forced to work as a part-time cab driver because he had lost his long-term vocation as a site manager. The judge also admitted that Smith was seen to be a respectable individual who cared for his family and also fostered children before the attack. It appears as if Smith also found out that his daughter had suffered from a miscarriage shortly before the incident with the football fan took place.

Mr Justice Irwin concluded that Smith’s case was a rarity in that personal circumstances meant that a reduction in his sentence was justified. The panel also stated that they had more information at their disposal than the judge who originally sentenced Smith. They noted that the sentence had a major effect on Smith and his family before deciding to reduce the original sentence by two years. Smith will serve approximately half of his new sentence before being eligible for an automatic release.

Source: www.walesoline.co.uk

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