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CCTV Helps Convict Man Of Vicious Assault On Taxi Driver | Taxi Rank

Hot! CCTV Helps Convict Man Of Vicious Assault On Taxi Driver

Leigh Curtis is a cab driver that was the victim of a brutal and cowardly assault by passenger James Pilgrim. The driver was stunned as the unprovoked attack left him with a broken nose, broken ribs and stitches on his fingers along with bruising and other injuries. Pilgrim was sentenced to 30 months in prison for actual bodily harm and a lesser charge of possession of cannabis.

Curtis has been a cab driver for more than 30 years and was working the night shift when the attack happened. The driver stated that Pilgrim didn’t say a word during the journey but at the end, he told Curtis that he didn’t have any money to pay for the trip. The driver contacted the office and they told him that Pilgrim was known to the company so Curtis told Pilgrim not to worry because he could pay at a later date. However, Pilgrim suddenly reached over and pulled the driver backwards, attempting to bite his ear and nose.

Pilgrim then got out of the cab and hit Curtis with a head butt. The driver is of the opinion that Pilgrim must have been on drugs because people don’t attack others without provocation in that manner. The cab’s CCTV cameras caught everything on tape and this footage played a major role in convicting the attacker. The tape shows Pilgrim shout abuse at Curtis before suddenly attacking him. Pilgrim is believed to have drank 10 pints of strong lager on the day of the attack.

Laura Plant was defending Pilgrim and said her client couldn’t watch the video of the attack and also explained that he was on medication for depression. 247 Taxis are Curtis’ cab firm and they have CCTV on all of their fleet. Cabbies have previously received abuse from passengers so the firm believed that CCTV was necessary for their drivers’ protection. Curtis admitted that the attack was serious and explained that most people don’t know what cabbies have to put up with. He said that passengers have threatened him on many occasions previously but he just drives off and forgets it.

The attack only ended after the handbrake was accidentally released during the attack and caused the car to roll backwards. At this point, Pilgrim released his grip. Curtis now suffers from post-traumatic stress and is unlikely to work as a driver again. Judge Charles Kemp said that the CCTV footage was chilling and he stated that Pilgrim drank 10 pints of lager, had a bottle of wine in the cab with him but couldn’t afford to pay the fare.

Judge Kemp then said that the driver engaged in a reasonable exchange before Pilgrim dropped the bottle of wine, causing it to break. At this point, Pilgrim attacked the driver, punching, kicking and biting him. Six members of the public called the police over the attack that night. Judge Kemp sentenced Pilgrim to 30 months in prison. As Pilgrim is on benefits, he doesn’t have to pay compensation.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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