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Council Reject Taxi Driver’s Complaints Over Strict Inspectors | Taxi Rank

Hot! Council Reject Taxi Driver’s Complaints Over Strict Inspectors

Derby cab drivers are irate because they feel as if inspectors are too strict and are telling cabbies to get off the road due to minor issues such as paintwork damage. The fact that the local council have rejected these complaints has made drivers even more furious. Taxis are inspected at regular intervals but can also be randomly inspected by the police and council. Drivers claim that inspectors force cabs off the road by looking for unnecessary repairs.

The issue was raised at a council taxi licensing committee meeting in Derby and an investigation was carried out. However, the report stated that the allegations were completely lacking foundation. Yet Javed Khan of the local Operator’s Association believes that the complaints of cab drivers are valid. He said that officers stop the cars and take them off the road for minor issues that would cause absolutely no risk or danger to any members of the public.

He pointed out that being told to get new paintwork done requires cabbies to take their cars to a garage which costs them money in costs and loss of earnings. He has even heard of drivers going to a licensed testing station, get examined and drive away only to get stopped by an officer who says the car isn’t fit for purpose.

The council responded by saying it does not get involved with approved testing stations as the examinations of the vehicles are carried out on their behalf. Taxi drivers also state that the standards are completely different from one station to the next. Yet council officers are adamant that these allegations are not supported by evidence.

Almost 220 taxis out of a fleet of 1160 were tested over six months where it was found that 63 were unfit for the road and the drivers had their licenses suspended. Councillor Paul Pegg, who also works on the taxi licensing committee as vice-chairman, said that he had complete confidence in the report. He says that officers have to do their job and the council have a duty of care to the general public. He does not believe that the officers are unfairly causing cabs to get taken off the road and stated that they are there to protect the public.

Pegg wished to point out that councils such as Chester and Liverpool were far stricter when it comes to their inspections. He is confident that Derby is no stricter than other councils and may actually be more lenient in some cases. The report’s findings will be discussed at a meeting while Javed Khan believes that there will be a large number of drivers there to express their concerns.

Source: thisisderbyshire.co.uk

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