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Crawley Cabbies Get Taxi Fare Increase Without Providing Evidence That It Is Deserved | Taxi Rank

Hot! Crawley Cabbies Get Taxi Fare Increase Without Providing Evidence That It Is Deserved

The local council in Crawley have approved a request by cab drivers to increase taxi fares despite not producing a great deal of evidence that it was even necessary. After a debate between members of the council over whether or not the increase was justified, the licensing committee gave the green light which is great news for cabbies in the area. The Crawley Hackney Carriage Association looked for a price hike after a ballot of members decreed that it was necessary for taxi drivers to cope with their increased costs.

Private hire vehicles in the region will not be affected by the council’s decision since they set their own rates in any case. Only cabs licensed by the council and operating out of taxi ranks in the area are affected by this increase. The starting tariff will be increased to £3.80 from £3.60 while the late tariff (midnight-6am) will increase to £4.80 from £4.50. However, taxi drivers in Crawley actually failed to produce any evidence that their cost of living had increased which led many council members to believe that an informed decision could not be made.

Yet despite this, the cab drivers got what they wanted though the council did state that the taxi driver’s association would need to make a better case next year. Liam Marshall-Ascough was against the increase because he believed that there wasn’t enough evidence to support the cab drivers’ case. He said that drivers made a claim that fuel prices had increased along with insurance but never really presented any evidence to support these claims. He was annoyed that the decision seemed to be based on drivers simply wanting higher fares.

Marshall-Ascough was also very critical of Peter Lamb, one of his committee comrades. He pointed out that Lamb was against an increase in rail fares not so long ago but voted in favour of this increase. He compared Lamb to Nick Clegg by saying he was flip-flopping and constantly changing his mind.

Lamb responded by saying he was against an increase in rail fares because it would affect commuters who had no real choice when it came to travelling long distances. He said that people can choose private hire taxis or buses instead of Hackney cabs. Lamb also claimed that he performed research on the cost of fuel and insurance for taxi drivers before the meeting which meant he could make an informed decision.

He also pointed out that there is a resolution in place which means cab drivers must present more evidence in future. He concluded by saying that the decision was made because there can only be one increase a year and they didn’t want to delay the process. The final decision was a 9-4 vote in favour of the increase.

Source: thisissussex.co.uk

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