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Dacorum Borough Council Keen To Remove Illegal Taxis Operating In The Area | Taxi Rank

Hot! Dacorum Borough Council Keen To Remove Illegal Taxis Operating In The Area

Earlier this week, Omar Ashfaq of Ash Travels was convicted of operating in Dacorum without the requisite taxi license. The decision made by Watford Magistrates Court is seen as a major victory by local cab drivers who are fed up with cab companies operating illegally within the borough. It is now hoped that this decision will pave the way for a complete clean up of illegal drivers in Dacorum.

Ashfaq tried to con everyone into thinking he was a local company by using his home phone number as he lives in Berkhamstead. However, he was caught, fined £5,000 and hit with a one year conditional discharge. According to a spokeswoman for the local council, it is the first prosecution for illegal private taxi hire in the borough and will serve as a warning for other cab drivers trying to get away with operating illegally. She also stated that other cab firms operating illegally may be charged by the council if sufficient evidence comes available.

This conviction is also good news for local drivers who feel as if their voices are finally being heard. They have protested against illegal taxi driving for months because the actions of these companies has taken customers away from local operators. According to one local driver, Luke McIvaney, it is a great day for local drivers because they can now work without having to worry about losing major chunks of their business to unwelcome drivers from other areas.

He also hopes that the licensing authority begins to pursue more cases against drivers operating illegally and warns that cab drivers in the area will continue to protest if other illegal drivers are not caught and punished. Decorum drivers have been actively protesting against cab firms and drivers operating illegally in the area for more than three years.

According to McIvaney, there may be as many as 30 taxis still operating illegally in the borough. As well as affecting the livelihood of drivers, the actions of illegal drivers places passengers at risk. As McIvaney pointed out, local customers deserve to be picked up in taxis that are fully licensed by the local council which has high safety standards.

Source: www.hemeltoday.co.uk

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