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Drunk Passenger Booted Out Of Taxi, Decides To Drink-Drive & Is Caught! | Taxi Rank

Hot! Drunk Passenger Booted Out Of Taxi, Decides To Drink-Drive & Is Caught!

Katy Tague showed her immaturity not once but twice on 21 October. She is 19 years of age and made a remarkable series of blunders on the night in question. Tague was coming home after enjoying a night out but as is typical of teenagers, had far too much to drink. She hailed a taxi and should have been able to get home safely but her boisterous behaviour angered the cab driver so much that he told her and her friends to leave.

Instead of learning her lesson, hailing another cab and keeping quiet, she decided it was a good idea to drink and drive. This was her second mistake because police caught her just after 4am in Cliftonville. Northampton Magistrates Court learned that when Tague was breathalysed, she was almost twice the legal limit. In the UK, the legal blood alcohol limit is 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. However, the lowest reading Tague gave was 64 microgrammes.

She represented herself in court and instead of acknowledging the foolish behaviour of her and her friends, she tried to blame the cab driver. Tague believed that they were only behaving like any group of girls would on a night out and was amazed when they were asked to leave the cab. She did admit being ashamed of her decision to drink and drive.

While Tague did not intend to commit the offence, she made the decision after being kicked out of the cab and apologised for her actions. However, there is every chance she will lose her job as a result of the conviction. She received a fine of £300, has been banned from driving for 17 months and is also bound to pay £85 in costs. Fortunately, her actions did not cause an accident but there are hundreds of incidents per year where drivers and pedestrians are not so lucky.

Source: northamptonchron.co.uk

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