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Euro 2012 Is Like Lottery Jackpot Win For Taxi Mafia In Poland | Taxi Rank

Hot! Euro 2012 Is Like Lottery Jackpot Win For Taxi Mafia In Poland

Football fans from all over Europe planning a trip to Poland’s capital for Euro 2012 need to be wary of the Warsaw taxi mafia. These are groups of drivers who wait in arrival halls and appear to be helpful to confused foreign visitors. They ask new arrivals if they need a taxi and bring them to a taxi stand where a car is waiting. However, the cabs used in this scam are unlicensed and have no meter so if you see such a taxi, step away or else you will be ripped off. The average taxi ride is around 40 zloty (£7.50 according to latest exchange rates) but with the taxi mafia, expect to pay at least triple this amount.

The Warsaw City Council have desperately been looking to fight back against these illegal taxi gangs for years without success and are fearing the worst during this summer’s football festival. According to a spokesman for Warsaw airport, they may need to ban people from standing in the arrival hall as this is where the taxi mafia are known to strike.

It would be unfair to suggest that the City Council have had no success whatsoever. For example, there is an official taxi stand which is under airport authority control and should be used by all visitors. Before this official stand was built, members of the Warsaw taxi mafia were removed from the area by force with brass knuckles and even baseball bats.

Those who have experience when it comes to travelling to Warsaw generally go straight to the airport’s departure level where they hail a licensed taxi that has just dropped off passengers. However, it is not easy to steer clear of the Warsaw taxi mafia even outside the airport. They brazenly wait outside train stations looking for newcomers to fleece.

However, you can easily spot an illegal taxi. Drivers who work for official taxi companies are legally required to display their license while having a company logo and phone number on the side of their cab in clear view of passengers. In addition, there should be a list of fares including weekend rates and evening rates made available to passengers. It should be noted that there are also scams when it comes to the fare listings. This is a harder practice to stop as it is a matter for each individual taxi company rather than the government.

In the Ukraine, a large proportion of taxis lack meters with a number of drivers working outside the law. Generally, Ukrainian drivers negotiate the fare prior to the trip which usually sets off alarm bells in the minds of travellers. However, this is common practice and the majority of drivers stay faithful to the original quote. The official airport taxis in the Ukraine have meters and are the most expensive form of taxi.

The practice of ordering a taxi via telephone is also common in Ukraine with a call centre agreeing a price before sending a vehicle. It should not cost more than £10 to travel across Kiev, the nation’s capital. There are an estimated 30,000 taxi drivers in Kiev who work independently. These drivers are often investigated by the police and are likely to be unavailable during the tournament as they go underground because of the greater police presence. This is bad news for tourists however as it decreases the number of available taxis, thus increasing the prices across the board.

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