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Hull Private Taxi Driver Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault | Taxi Rank

Hot! Hull Private Taxi Driver Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

A private hire driver who was off-duty in Hull sexually assaulted a young woman in his cab. Masoud Rahimi saw the young woman as an easy target when she walked away from the Welly Club in the late hours of the morning. He picked her up in his cab, clearly pretending to be on duty, an action in itself that is against the law as private hire drivers can only accept bookings and not take passengers from the street. When she was in the cab, Rahimi stroked her leg and made inappropriate remarks during the sexual assault.

He was caught by CCTV cameras with footage showing him picking up the girl in question. According to DS Sam Crompton, this conviction serves as a warning to other drivers who are tempted to abuse their position of trust or illegally ply for hire. The victim told Hull Crown Court that she saw what she believed to be a taxi pull up. She went over to it and asked to be taken home. She said that her feet were hurting, she was tired and felt it was the easiest option. The victim then told the court that Ramini put his hand on her leg and asked her if she was cold. The driver kept his hand there while stroking her leg from ankle to thigh. He also asked the shocked victim if she shaved and then opined that he could tell she did.

Although the victim asked to be taken to east Hull, Ramini ended up in west Hull by an Asda petrol station. The victim stated that once they pulled up at the station, she unfastened her seatbelt and ran from the cab. She then rang her friend for help and reported the driver to the police the following morning.

Rahimi, who was born in Iran, denied being the individual shown in the CCTV footage which also showed the young woman running away from the cab. Judge James Sampson decided that he wanted a pre-sentencing report but did state that he would not be sending the driver to prison. However, Ramini will be forced to sign the sex offenders register.

The assault took place just after 3am on May 6 when the driver was in his cab but not working. He volunteers as an interpreter at the Hull Asylum Seeker Support Group, has previously been a doorman at the Welly Club and was working for six 0 cars at the time of the incident. The court were told that Ramini is no longer in the employ of the company. DS Crompton said that drivers who break the law by plying for trade will be caught and punished as will those who use their status as a cab driver for illegal activities. He advised female passengers travelling alone to sit in the rear of cabs and also stated that taxis are still one of the safest ways to get home at night.

Source: thisishullandeastriding.co.uk

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