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Irish Taxi Driver Test Proving Too Difficult For Many | Taxi Rank

Hot! Irish Taxi Driver Test Proving Too Difficult For Many

It seems as if taxi drivers in the UK are not the only ones having travails when it comes to passing their national taxi tests. The Irish National Transport Authority have revealed that less than 25% of those who sat a public service vehicle examination in order to get their foot in the taxi industry door managed to pass. The Authority also showed that there were 180 complaints in June 2012 and 27 prosecutions.

There has been a tough skills development programme in place since May 2009 as a means of improving the standard of new cab drivers in Ireland. Since this time, approximately 11,000 tests have been taken with this figure including the number of resits. Just 2,500 people managed to pass this test. In order to pass, applicants must score over 80% in the exam.

There are two modules in the test. The first section is industry knowledge and involves 54 multiple choice questions. The questions relate to industry rules and regulations including customer service, fare charges, diversity, equality and awareness of disability. The second section is specific to the county where the driver will be plying his/her trade. This includes questions on the best route to take from one place to the next as well as providing information on local places of interest. The test

’s time limit is 1 hour and 45 minutes with a fee of €86 charged.

There is also an industry knowledge test that needs to be taken by existing drivers. Thus far, 30% of the 10,500 drivers to have taken this test have failed it. The high number of taxi driver prosecutions has also raised alarm bells amongst the National Transport Authority. Eight of these charges relate to individuals working as a cab driver without having a license. Another 10 of the charges involved drivers using an unlicensed vehicle to carry passengers. Other offences included standing for hire in non-taxi rank areas and not meeting roof signage requirements.

About 50% of complaints related to poor behaviour on behalf of the driver while another 33% of drivers were accused of ripping off customers. A National Transport Authority Spokesman said that experts in the field of test development were used to set the tests and pass rate. They defended the high pass percentage of 80% which they say was set to ensure that all drivers who pass the test have excellent knowledge of the industry and can provide a high level of service. Perhaps something similar will be implemented in the UK in the near future.

Source: irishtimes.co.uk

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