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Knife Attacker Gets Jail Time For His Assault On Cab Driver In Swansea | Taxi Rank

Hot! Knife Attacker Gets Jail Time For His Assault On Cab Driver In Swansea

Mark Cameron Provan has been given 5 years in prison for attacking a cab driver with a knife in Swansea City Centre. Paul Hopkins, the Recorder in the case, sentenced Provan to jail because he felt that the attacker posed a serious danger to the public. Provan had made the mistake of gambling and drinking all his money away only to find that he had no means of getting home.

When he tried to get home, he found that several savvy cabbies completely ignored his pleas for a ride home as he admitted that he had no cash to pay with. Unfortunately, Craig Phipps was more generous and he gave Provan a lift in the understanding that Phipps would pay the money when he arrived at his destination. The fare passed off without any incident but when Provan got home, he came out with a large kitchen knife.

Bizarrely, Provan was also holding £10 in his hand which was obviously for the fare. He held up the knife and said he would not give the driver the cash. He then proceeded to throw the money on the ground and he said that he would kill the driver. Provan has previous convictions and told the cabbie that he would have no problem going back to jail. He demanded the rest of the taxi driver’s takings before throwing down the knife and running away. Provan picked up the knife which is just as well because Provan returned to the scene twice more.

His convictions are widespread and many of them are serious. For example, he has been convicted of assault, theft and assaulting a police officer, violent disorder and two convictions for robbery. Georgina Buckley was representing Provan and claimed his difficulties made it easy to explain his odd behaviour. Buckley said that Provan was training to be a real estate agent and had kicked his drug habit.

Yet the recorder was not in a lenient mood. He accused Provan of wasting his opportunity in life and stated that the convicted man would continue to pose a significant threat to the public in future. He handed down a 5 year sentence while also ensuring that Provan will serve another 5 years on license upon his release.

Source: thisissouthwales.co.uk

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