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Late-Night Taxis To Be Kept Alive In The UK | Taxi Rank

Hot! Late-Night Taxis To Be Kept Alive In The UK

The government had been keen on abolishing the taxi relief given to late-night taxis but has made a U-turn so black cabs will continue running for law firm employees. The majority of these firms know that this tax relief provides National Insurance contribution and income tax exemption against the additional costs incurred by employees who are forced to take alternative transport home. The tax relief is only available when an employee has to work after 9pm at night periodically and there is no public transport available when they finish. Essentially, the tax relief comes into play when employees are unable to travel home by their usual means.

The government were going to abolish this relief in April 2012 but they decided against the move in December 2011 when they discovered that abolition of tax relief would create problems for certain groups of employees and cause more time to be wasted on administration.

The government were also made aware that the vast majority of firms would be vehemently against the proposal. These companies made the argument that this relief is only used by a diverse range of employees and that it was an excellent service for the lower paid. Law firms also argued that removing the tax relief also put their employees at risk when it came to getting home. This is especially the case when it comes to ensuring that female employees get home safely. If you are interested in finding out more about this late-night tax relief, go to the HMRC website for a full description plus details on how to benefit from it.

Source: LawGazette.co.uk

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