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Limo Owner Forced To Pay Fine For Having No License | Taxi Rank

Hot! Limo Owner Forced To Pay Fine For Having No License

Sooty Edwards, a limousine company owner in Cambridge, was fined £2,700 for not having a license and must also pay almost £3,500 in legal costs. Edwards runs Skooters limousine company but was found guilty of operating without the requisite licensing. A joint effort by the police and licensing office found that Edwards had not purchased a private hire operator’s license. In effect, Edwards’ business was found to be illegal.

The Cambridgeshire Police began an undercover operation after several complaints about the company were lodged by members of the public. The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency were also involved. The fact that Edwards’ company has no license means that passengers who were injured in a crash would not be able to claim compensation. Companies who apply for licenses are also subject to a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) Check. By not applying for the license, Edwards was able to evade any criminal background check.

Another feature of unlicensed vehicles is that they have not been through any of the required mechanical tests and inspections which ensure that the vehicle is safe to use on the road. According to the main environmental health officer in the district council, Elizabeth Bailey, Edwards’ prosecution should come as a warning to other operators in Cambridgeshire who are attempting to flout the rules.

According to Bailey, customers should not have to worry about the safety of the vehicle when they are being transported or are planning a special occasion. She went on to say that regarding Skooters, the vehicle, the driver and the company were all unlicensed. She also mentioned that Edwards ignored repeated warnings and carried on with his unlicensed business. She concluded by saying that she hopes the punishment meted out to Edwards will be enough to dissuade other companies from cutting corners.

Edwards and his son Kristian have previously been convicted of smuggling cigarettes in January 2010. They claimed that the half million cigarettes they purchased were to raise funds for Cambridge United but they were found guilty of evading almost £90,000 in duty and given a suspended prison sentence. Sooty was given a six month sentence which was suspended for a year and a half with 300 hours worth of community service also doled out to him. Kristian was given three months in jail but this was suspended for a year while he was given 150 hours worth of community service.

Source: cambridge-news.co.uk

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