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London Taxi Driver Has Innovative Idea For Olympic Games | Taxi Rank

Hot! London Taxi Driver Has Innovative Idea For Olympic Games

While other cab drivers are hoping for additional fares and tips to increase their revenue, David Weeks has another idea entirely. He has decided to rent out his cab as accommodation to individuals struggling to find a place to stay during the Games. While it is normally possible to get a hotel room or alternative accommodation for £65 a night in London, most hotels and guest houses will be tripling their rate to take advantage of the influx of tourists. Weeks realised that this was a goldmine for him and he is now allowing people to sleep in his taxi for £50 a night. This equates to a massive saving for anyone willing to use the taxi.

The driver is advertising his cab as accommodation on a popular home rental site called Wimdu. However, as David plans to be working during the day, anyone looking to avail of the cab during the night needs to be prepared to fit in with the driver’s daily work schedule. Only one person can use the taxi and will sleep in it at a time and location agreed by both parties though it’s likely that the cab will spend most of the time outside of David’s house. The driver will take the taxi back in the morning and begin work as usual.

A ‘memory foam’ mattress, pillow and duvet will be inside the cab along with an official Olympic pillowcase and bedspread. There will also be a Paddington Bear teddy, curtains for privacy and even a small lamp! Remarkably, David has also managed to fit in a radio, iPad and fridge, all solar powered. Interested parties can also ask for a table and camping chairs. Of course, if users are in desperate need of the bathroom, they’ll have to go outside.

David believes that he will be facing a fall in revenue in the future so is using the Olympic Games to pick up some much needed cash. One would imagine that cab drivers would profit from the Games but in actual fact, they will lose out. The massive gridlock that will envelop a city that’s already known for traffic congestion will hinder drivers who are not allowed to use the Olympic Games Lanes. This means they will have fewer fares in the course of a shift.

Source: thisismoney.co.uk

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