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Loophole Allows Unlicensed Cab Drivers To Work In Peterborough | Taxi Rank

Hot! Loophole Allows Unlicensed Cab Drivers To Work In Peterborough

Because of a loophole, cab drivers are able to work in Peterborough without being licensed in the region. The Peterborough City Council licenses private hire cabs and Hackney carriages with their licensing requirements including a background check. However, it is possible to get a license in Huntingdon District Council (HDC) and then work in Peterborough.

One of the Council’s regulatory officers admitted that there was a way from drivers licensed by the HDC to work as drivers in Peterborough and acknowledged that this was a problem. He also said that the Peterborough Council have heard reports of trouble relating to HDC licensed drivers working in the area. The two councils have worked closely on projects in the past which explains the close ties. It was also stated that two HDC licensed drivers have applied for licenses in Peterborough in the last week alone.

The issue was brought up in a committee meeting last week where they discussed the possibility of creating a new test which would decide whether or not applicants were fit to hold a license in Peterborough. It will include assistance from the Peterborough Regional College who will hold a day long course which needs to be passed before drivers are allowed to work as taxi drivers in the district. Lessons on giving change, producing receipts, the Highway Code, licensing conditions, road signs, reading and written tests are all included. The price of a license is to increase to £244 though re-sitting the course only costs £25.

One of the councillors was concerned that drivers who fail will simply get their license from the HDC. Although this is currently true, it is hoped that the new college will provide enough support to encourage drivers to get their license in Peterborough. It has also been stated that the city will be working with neighbouring districts to raise the standards of cab driving. The HDC have increase the cost of getting a license while the Peterborough council have increased their age limit on cars allowed to be used as taxis. These are two issues that have reduced the number of drivers looking for licenses with the HDC. Peterborough council’s new plans have also been approved by the city’s main taxi organisations.

Source: peterboroughtoday.co.uk

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