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Man Jailed For Attacking Taxi Driver & Robbing Prostitute | Taxi Rank

Hot! Man Jailed For Attacking Taxi Driver & Robbing Prostitute

Timothy Smith has been charged with attacking a taxi driver and stealing his takings and has also been charged with stealing £20 from a sex worker after he had initially given her the money! Smith asked the prostitute to perform a sex act on him in Middleport and the two went down an alley. However, once the act had been concluded, Smith told the prostitute that he should only have paid £10. He was aggressive towards the woman and took £20 from her jacket pocket before fleeing the scene in a waiting car.

The woman took note of the car’s registration number and called the police. They soon located Smith and arrested him. David Bennett was the prosecutor and said that Smith refused to answer any questions put to him by the police. Although the woman did not pick Smith out of a line-up, his DNA was found at the scene. After another interview, Smith admitted having a sex act performed on him by the woman but claimed that she gave the money back to him without being asked. Smith was jailed for 7 months for the theft.

The incident with the prostitute happened on 22 May this year and within a few weeks, Smith was in trouble again. On 6 June, Smith robbed taxi driver Mohammed Shazad. After admitting this crime, he was given another 18 months in jail. Smith paid Shazad £15 to take him home shortly after 4am after a night out. When they got close to the location, Smith fooled the driver by directing him to a cul-de-sac. At this point, he claimed that the fare should only have been £8.

Before Shazad could respond, Smith hit him on the side of the head and stole the cabbie’s takings bag which contained approximately £80. Within hours, the police found Smith at home and arrested him, recovering around half of the money immediately. Anis Ali was defending Smith and claimed that his client had shown genuine remorse for his actions.

According to Ali, Smith is a young man that had the courage to accept that he had made mistakes. Ali continued by saying that 20 year old Smith has endured countless problems over the course of his young life and suffers from learning and behavioural difficulties. Ali also pointed out that no one was seriously hurt during the offences. Despite this plea and the fact that Smith has a young son, he was given a total of 25 months for his crimes. This is probably due to the fact that he has 25 previous convictions. Almost 2 months of the sentence has already been served as Smith was in remand for that length of time.

Source: thisisstaffordshire.co.uk

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