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Minicab Firms In Oxford Are Breaking The Rules According To Local Council | Taxi Rank

Hot! Minicab Firms In Oxford Are Breaking The Rules According To Local Council

Oxford City Council believe that certain cab firms are forcing employees to break the rules and they want to clamp down on such behaviour as soon as possible. Julian Alison is the leader of the council’s licensing team and he said that private hire firms that ask drivers to illegally ply for hire will be prosecuted. It is a well-known fact that private taxis can only be used by passengers who book in advance. This means picking up random passengers off the street is illegal.

However, Alison and the council are of the opinion that cab firms are telling their drivers to ignore the law and ply for hire. He doesn’t blame the drivers because they are at risk of losing their jobs if they don’t comply with their company’s wishes. Operators don’t care about drivers according to Alison. He believes they only want to make money and get as many passengers as possible, regardless of how this objective is achieved.

Alison spoke of occasions when cabbies arrived at hotels, removed their stickers and pretended to be available for hire. A meeting of the licensing committee heard that the council would be heavily targeting cab firms that insist on breaking the law. Alison told his fellow members that they should expect to see a number of cab operators in front of them in the near future.

Colin Cook is the chairman of the committee and he was full of praise for council officers and believes the council’s tough new policy has been a success and will continue to get results. He feels as if more people have been caught and punished than ever before.

David Williams, leader of the Green group, raised concerns about drivers with poor eyesight. He doesn’t understand how cabbies with eyesight problems are allowed to drive and he is also concerned at the condition of vehicles used. However, Khalil Ahmed, a private hire driver, claims that he knows of no cab companies that ask drivers to break the law. He said that if Alison has evidence of this fact, he must produce it and those responsible must be punished.

Ahmed has worked with cab firms such as 101 and Royal and he has never heard of bosses asking drivers to flout the rules. He has no sympathy for any taxi driver caught breaking the rules because they know the terms and conditions attached to private licenses. Ahmed said that he doesn’t care if cabbies are asked to do it because it is wrong and they should be prosecuted. He concluded that he would never violate his license even if his cab firm asked him to.

Source: oxfordmail.co.uk

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