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Mobile Phone Use Sees Taxi Driver Banned | Taxi Rank

Hot! Mobile Phone Use Sees Taxi Driver Banned

The use of a mobile phone while driving has resulted in a six month ban for Jagjit Singh, a cab driver in Leicester. It wasn’t the act of using the mobile alone that cost him his license however. This offence is worth three penalty points and in Singh’s case, this took his penalty point total to 15 which resulted in an automatic ban from all forms of driving for a total of 6 months. The driver pleaded not guilty to the offence which allegedly happened in November 2011. Singh was also hit with a £15 victim’s of crime surcharge, court costs of £75 and a £75 fine by Leicester Magistrate’s Court.

In October 2010, Singh was in trouble with the authorities and a ban seemed imminent but he claimed that disqualification from driving would cause him exceptional hardship because of the loss of employment it would bring. As a result, he could not make the same claim once again. According to prosecutor Ian Johnson, Singh was seen holding a mobile phone to his ear just after 3am on the night in question by the police. At that time, the cab driver claimed he was parked and was phoning a customer.

The policeman who saw the incident, Pc Lee Eckersley, stated that street lighting ensured that his vision was clear and there were no obstacles between him and the driver. The constable told the court that Singh was driving towards him and had a mobile phone held to his ear the whole time.

Singh has been a taxi driver for more than six years and at the time of the incident, he was on his way to pick up a fare outside of the Liquid Envy nightclub. He claimed that he was making a phone call to the woman he was due to collect in order to ensure that she was still there. According to the cab driver, he saw the police car coming from the other direction and his cab was stationary as he was at a red light. Singh’s solicitor, David Rhodes, stated that the ban would have a major effect on the driver and his family. Rhodes said that Singh’s wife works in a bakery and that the family will suffer from the loss of Mr. Singh’s job as a taxi driver.

Source: thisisleicestershire.co.uk

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