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New Rules Could Leave Hundreds Of Leeds Taxi Drivers Out Of Work | Taxi Rank

Hot! New Rules Could Leave Hundreds Of Leeds Taxi Drivers Out Of Work

A proposed deregulation of the taxi driving trade could see up to 500 taxi drivers in Leeds lose their jobs. Cabbies in the city have began a national petition against the change which they say will also dramatically reduce the standard of service. Section 16 of the Transport Act 1985 states that local councils can limit the amount of hackney carriages in their area based on the level of demand but the Government is considering the abolition of this rule as they continue to review old taxi laws which they feel are outdated.

Campaigners say that such a change would cause hundreds of job losses, low quality taxi service and even additional pollution in the city. There are just over 500 hackney carriages licensed in Leeds with this number continually reviewed. There are also approximately 5,000 private hire licenses operating in Leeds. According to Paul Landau, chairman of Unite the Union’s Leeds Hackney Carriage branch, drivers who work at night would be the worst affected because they don’t have their own car. Instead, these drivers lease one from a colleague on a double shifted basis.

According to Mr. Landau, if the restriction on the number of cabs in Leeds and other cities is reduced, it will be possible for any member of the public to get a hackney license. He believes that this would possibly treble the number of taxis in Leeds which would in turn lead to mass unemployment. According to Mr. Landau, cities in the UK need to keep a limit on their taxis or else it will put pressure on existing drivers as well as increasing the level of pollution. An online petition has been launched, beginning in Leeds and spreading across the UK.

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