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New York Taxi Firm On Trial For Running ‘Brothel On Wheels’ | Taxi Rank

Hot! New York Taxi Firm On Trial For Running ‘Brothel On Wheels’

Vincent George Sr. and Jr. from Queens were running a prostitution ring using their taxis for around 20 years according to prosecutors in Manhattan. They used six drivers to ferry prostitutes around the area’s restaurants and hotels. Both men have been accused of beating and intimidating these women. It is said that Vincent George Sr. taught his son how to become a pimp and is even accused of using his own daughter as a prostitute.

Customers, colloquially termed ‘Johns’, could visit the prostitutes in the back seat of a taxi and paid $200-$500 for this dubious privilege. Business was booming with one woman alone earning the group $500,000 in a year. By the time this sordid business was broken up last year, the Georges had five prostitutes in their employ.

The Georges were also accused of controlling the women through intimidation, threats and withholding payment. Some of the women were even branded with tattoos like cattle. One of the women found had a barcode tattooed on her neck. One of the women also had a tattoo on one of her breasts which said ‘Vee’ which is the nickname of the father. His son is nicknamed ‘King Koby’ and tattoos bearing this name were found on three of the women.

It is alleged that the father and son team transported the women from Queens and Allentown into New York City before forcing them to solicit men in bars and clubs. Potential punters were handed cards which said ‘professional masseuse’. Prosecutors said that the Georges forced the women to hand over all their proceeds while only paying them a meager amount for food. This ensured that the women were helpless and could not leave the operation.

The unfortunate women were also branded by their street names and were given quotas. They were threatened with violence if they did not comply. The Georges were arrested in April 2011 and have been held without bail ever since on charges of money laundering, sex trafficking and prostitution. The six drivers were also arrested and charged with the promotion of prostitution.

Source: nypost.com

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