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Passenger In Taxi Gropes Female Driver | Taxi Rank

Hot! Passenger In Taxi Gropes Female Driver

Stephen Pemberton, a Bancyfynnon man, was picked up by a taxi outside of the Cross Hands Hotel but proceeded to grope the female taxi driver, saying to her that this kind of activity was the reason she took the job. He got into the taxi just after half three in the morning but was only in the cab a matter of moments before he reached over and began groping the female driver.

According to the prosecutor, Peter Lloyd, the driver continually pushed Pemberton away but on each occasion he was rebuffed, Pemberton simply went back and repeated his actions. He eventually grabbed her breast causing great pain to the driver. At this point, Pemberton told the driver that this is exactly why women took the job in the first place.

Lloyd continued by saying that the frightened taxi driver was able to turn the cab around and return to the Cross Hands Hotel. She also phoned ahead in a bid to find someone who was willing to take the fare instead. At first, Pemberton totally denied the allegation but reneged on this later by claiming that he had no recollection of the incident.

Peter Rees Jones was defending Pemberton and stated that his client was amazed at the allegations levelled against him. He stated that his client had zero recollection of the incident and can only remember walking home after being left back at the hotel by the driver. Although he does not remember the incident, Pemberton did not challenge the driver’s evidence and accepted that he must have behaved in this manner.

Pemberton pleaded guilty to a charge of assault, a charge which stated that he inappropriately touched the driver in a sexual manner without her consent. Probation reports must be completed before sentencing is finalised but it is possible that Pemberton could end up in prison. Sentencing will take place on 15 June.

Source: southwalesguardian.co.uk

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