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Poulton Taxi Driver Hits One Million Mile Mark In Cab | Taxi Rank

Hot! Poulton Taxi Driver Hits One Million Mile Mark In Cab

Brian Holmes has been driving his Ford Mondeo cab for more than 16 years and has finally clocked over one million miles. He claims to have made approximately 8,000 journeys to and from Manchester airport at around 120 miles in total. Holmes works for Bernie’s Airport Service and says that the 1.8 litre turbo diesel cab he bought for £14,000 was an exceptional purchase. According to the cab driver, he has not had much trouble with the cab beyond the usual wear and tear. He stated that the cab has lasted so long because he had it serviced regularly and also drove conscientiously.

He says that no one else drives the car and he doesn’t overly push the vehicle when at work. He normally drives at around 60mph and rarely goes above 65mph. In his opinion, this is the speed that is best for the engine. Holmes also said that he has no plans to replace the cab while it is still working so well. However, he has admitted that he would like a smaller car for when he retires.

John Duckworth owns the Park Lane Garage and is the man responsible for looking after the car. He praised the cab’s durability but admitted his surprise at the fact that the cab made the one million mile mark. He joked that he hopes Holmes retires so he won’t have to look after the car anymore! It turns out that the cab driver only got the car in the first place by default. Another man bought it in an auction but decided not to follow through on his purchase because his wife didn’t like the colour.

According to Oliver Rowe of Ford, Holmes has set a record. In the early 1990s, Ford used to have a 100,000 mile club and were keen to hear from drivers who reached that landmark in their vehicle. However, the improvement of product manufacturing meant that virtually all vehicles have reached that mark. However, this Ford Mondeo was the very first Ford that Rowe has heard of to reach the million mile landmark. In effect, Brian Holmes is the first member of this exclusive club.

Source: bbcnews.co.uk

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