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Swansea Taxi Firm Accused Of Discrimination Against Incontinent Woman | Taxi Rank

Hot! Swansea Taxi Firm Accused Of Discrimination Against Incontinent Woman

Susan Abraham has been blacklisted by Swansea taxi firm Data Cabs and her daughter Barbara Jones has filed a complaint with the licensing department of the Swansea Council accusing the cab firm of discriminatory practices. On 1 June 2012, widower Mrs Abraham and her daughter were refused a lift by a Data Cabs taxi with the company stating that Mrs Abraham had been blacklisted by the company for accidentally soiling one of their cabs on a previous journey.

Miss Jones acts as a carer for her mother and vehemently disputes these allegations. She is adamant that no such incident ever took place and described how upset she was when told of this news. She admitted that it was difficult to hold back the tears. Miss Jones is angry because she was never told about any incident and was quite clear that she would willingly pay the £50 fouling charge or even clean the taxis that had been damaged. Instead, she feels as if her mother is being discriminated against and doesn’t belief that this is fair.

Mrs Abraham lives with her daughter and uses a wheelchair. Miss Jones is a mother herself and does not own a car. She also refuses to take public transport with her mother because of the difficulties it provides. According to Miss Jones, the duo use Data Cabs regularly and spend approximately £60 on taxis with the company on a weekly basis. However, on the day in question, they had no choice but to use a different taxi firm.

Despite the protests of Miss Jones, the managing director of Data Cabs, Terry Davis, stood by the company’s decision. Davis stated that there were perfectly good reasons for their decision. He admitted that a number of drivers who picked up Miss Abraham refused to do so again. Although the soiling incident was unpleasant, Davis claimed that the after effects were the real issue. The smell tends to linger and he pointed out that it was unfair on the next passenger.

According to Davis, the cab was definitely soiled on the day in question as he saw the effects himself. He admitted that it was not a good situation but claimed that according to Data Cabs’ policy, individual drivers had the right to refuse a passenger. He also defended the company by saying that it catered for a large number of disabled passengers.

The licensing department of the Swansea Council admitted that a complaint had been received on the matter and it was currently being investigated.

Source: thisissouthwales.co.uk

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