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Tamworth Taxi Driver Caught With Downloaded Images Of An Indecent Nature | Taxi Rank

Hot! Tamworth Taxi Driver Caught With Downloaded Images Of An Indecent Nature

Robert Binding, a taxi driver operating out of Tamworth, was caught with over 12,000 images of children and pornography which has been described as extreme. Binding’s stash of ‘disgusting’ images was uncovered by a police raid on his home in October 2011. Binding admitted to four charges of creating indecent images of young children and another charge of extreme pornography possession.

Pat Sullivan was the prosecutor on the case and told the court that a thorough examination of the hard drive on Mr. Binding’s computer revealed more than 2,000 images of children, almost 100 of which were deemed to be serious ‘level 4’ offences. Stafford Crown Court heard how over 12,000 images of adults performing sex acts in a type of pornography that was illegal to possess or own was also found on the computer.

The cab driver was given a community order of three years in total and also ordered to attend a treatment programme for sex offenders as well as being registered with the police as a sex offender for the next five years. Simon Tonking was the judge on the case and he told Binding that he downloaded numerous indecent photographs of children on the internet over a period of four years. He also lambasted Binding for downloading images of adults performing disgusting sex acts over a period of two years. He did conclude by saying that he felt Binding’s shame was genuine and believed that the cab driver was not a danger to the public.

Binding could have received a short prison sentence but the Judge decided to go with a long-term supervision and treatment option. Michael Grey was the driver’s defence counsel and told the court that the driver had already been forced to hand in his driver’s license as a result of these offences. Binding is said to have been disgusted by his own actions and found that his previous good character had been irreparably stained.

Binding has been married and divorced twice and was living alone in his dead father’s house. He initially began accessing adult porn that is considered to be legitimate but eventually started accessing child porn. Grey said that Binding’s actions were as a result of curiosity which turned into a habit and then a form of compulsion. Binding accessed the images and viewed them but deleted them and there were no saved files on his hard drive nor did he have any files arranged or distributed. His defence counsel concluded by saying that no one else viewed these images.

Source: thisistamworth.co.uk

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