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Taxi Boss In Bexley Furious At Planning Application Failure | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Boss In Bexley Furious At Planning Application Failure

Mark Campbell is the owner of Bexley Minicabs and thought he would be given planning permission to transform the back of an ironing shop into a new office for his minicab company. However, the Bexley Council’s Planning Committee had other ideas and promptly refused to give him the permission he required. The transformation was to take place in Bexley’s High Street and would have been a boost for Campbell’s company.

Unsurprisingly, the cab boss is not taking the news well. He believes that a witch hunt is the reason for his unsuccessful application. It seems that the local population were not as enthusiastic about the new developments as Campbell because his application attracted more than 20 letters of objection and over 180 signatures on a petition. Yet Campbell believes that a campaign of lies and misinformation is to blame because he is the son of Colin Campbell, a councillor and deputy leader of the local council. He was also accused of not following the typical planning process.

According to Campbell, the first thing he was told by the licensing committee was that his application has attracted a lot of negative attention and complaints. He said that because a member of his family was on the local council, the situation has got out of control. Campbell claims that his business followed all the rules, filled in the application correctly and did not breach the law.

He also believes that ‘Chinese Whispers’ helped the campaign grow and that no objectors contacted him directly to find out more about the new development. Campbell is convinced that the rejection is a personal attack and nothing to do with business. According to Campbell, his company listened to the concerns of the general public and other businesses in the area and changed the opening hours accordingly. His company had also agreed to install CCTV and hire a marshal for additional security.

Yet planning officers said that Campbell’s application was refused because there wasn’t enough parking and access, there were pedestrian hazards, additional noise and the potential for an increase in the rate of criminal activity in the area. As well as the petition, concerns were also raised by the local police force, Environmental Health and Highways Agency. The police believed that the level of disturbance would be too high and that cars would have to encounter drunk individuals at night. Campbell said that he was either going to launch an appeal or submit a new application.

Source: newsshopper.co.uk

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