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Taxi Driver Admits Panicking After Hitting A Pedestrian In Norwich | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Driver Admits Panicking After Hitting A Pedestrian In Norwich

Taxi driver Stuart Osborne had the shock of his life when he hit a pedestrian late one night. He apologised for driving away from the incident but is adamant that he only did so out of shock rather than malice. After striking the man with the vehicle and seeing him roll across the vehicle, Osborne continued to drive despite having a broken headlight and windscreen. The driver was in a state of panic by this stage and rang his boss to explain the incident. He claims that he was ready to turn himself in when the police called him for questioning.

Osborne was at the Norwich Magistrates’ Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to charges which included driving the car while it was in a dangerous condition and failing to stop after an accident. Osborne was extremely repentant and apologised profusely, claiming that in 10 years of driving he had never received so much as a complaint. He admitted that he was wrong and spoke of his private shame.

Judith Piggin was the prosecutor in this case and told the court that Osborne hit a pedestrian in April just before 11pm. The pedestrian in question had been drinking and ran in front of the car. The person flipped on to the car, landed on the taxi’s windscreen and fell back on to the pavement.

According to Osborne, he stopped after a few seconds and saw the man rise to his feet, grin and walk away through the taxi mirror. The only real damage to the victim was bruises to the thigh and he was fortunate that the cab was only travelling at 20 miles an hour. The driver said that the pedestrian came from the left and run into the car at full force. Osborne said that the man was on the windscreen for a second before sliding to the floor. He acknowledged that he drove on in shock. Osborne was given a fine of £150 and must also pay £100 in court costs. He received seven penalty points for failing to stop but was not penalised for the second charge of driving a vehicle while it was in a dangerous condition.

Source: eveningnews24.co.uk

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