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Taxi Driver Alleged To Have Caused The Death Of An OAP | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Driver Alleged To Have Caused The Death Of An OAP

A Plymouth pensioner was hit by a taxi and died after the driver sped up to avoid the traffic lights turning red. Plymouth Crown Court was told that Andrew Bates tried to overtake a cement mixer in a bid to get past the traffic lights before they turned red. At the same time, Gordon Hollister was just about to cross the Woolwell Roundabout. 44-year-old Mr. Bates is now on trial, accused of being responsible for death by dangerous driving. Mr. Bates denies this charge and also a lesser charge of causing Mr. Hollister’s death by careless driving.

The incident occurred on 13 December 2010 when Mr. Hollister was struck by an eight seater private cab which was driven by Mr. Bates. The accident happened at around 10.45am as Mr. Hollister was trying to take a trip to the nearby Tesco Superstore. Although paramedics tried to revive him, Mr. Hollister died at Derriford Hospital soon afterwards.

Jo Martin, the prosecutor, told the jury which is comprised of six men and six women, that Mr. Hollister crossed the road because the lights were green for pedestrians and red for drivers. Bates had tried to overtake a cement mixer as he came to the traffic lights but the lights turned to amber and then red as Mr. Hollister hit a button on the Pelican Crossing according to Martin. Miss Martin continued by stating that Bates performed a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre and that the driver had seen Mr. Hollister pressing the button.

In court, Liam Townshend, the driver of the cement mixer, said that he slowed to around 10 miles an hour as he took a corner near the crossing. He saw Mr. Hollister prepare to cross and slowed down almost to a halt. In the meantime, Bates’ taxi went into the right-hand lane and sped up to 30 miles an hour to overtake the mixer. Mr. Townshend couldn’t definitively confirm that the lights were red but admitted that he was slowing down for one.

Steven Plaice, a driver who was two vehicles behind Bates, said that the lights were definitely red. Mr. Plaice said that he was convinced that Bates had not seen the light because he was accelerating when the rest of the traffic was slowing down. Plaice also stated that Bates had asked onlookers if Mr. Hollister had been drinking because the light was green. The jury looked at some graphic photos which showed the impact that Mr. Hollister had on the taxi’s windscreen. Mr. Hollister is survived by his widow Hilda. The trial is ongoing.

Source: ThisIsPlymouth.co.uk

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