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Taxi Driver Assaulted Because Of £3 | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Driver Assaulted Because Of £3

An unemployed man was arrested and convicted of assault on a taxi driver and theft in Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court. Christopher Cartlidge paid a heavy price for his night of drinking which culminated in an assault on cab driver Abdul Kalik. Aside from attacking the driver, Cartlidge also stole £38. He originally pleaded not guilty to the charges but changed his mind on the second day of his trial and entered a guilty plea. It is possible that he avoided a custodial sentence by changing his plea.

Paul Spratt, the prosecutor on the case, said that Kalik had been parked outside the Circus Casino in July 2011 in the early hours of the morning. Cartlidge got into the taxi and the duo agreed a fare of £4 for a trip to Basford according to the defendant. However, when they reached Cartlidge’s destination, the driver asked for £7. This angered the passenger and a furious argument raged. Cartlidge lost his temper, punched the driver several times and ran off with a bag containing money that was in the taxi.

According to Spratt, the driver suffered a number of injuries including severe swelling to the face and head. Cartlidge was Kalik’s first fare of the night but was also his last as he could not continue his duties. Paul Cliff mitigated in the case and stated that Cartlidge did not premeditate this assault. According to Cliff, it was a simple matter of an argument over a fare where the defendant crossed the line and attacked the driver. Cliff was in no doubt that alcohol played a huge role in the attack. He continued by stating that Cartlidge acknowledged that his actions were foolish, was sorry for the attack and understands that compensation is due.

It was noted that the defendant had no previous convictions and also had a good employment record until recently. However, now that he was unemployed, compensation owed to the victim would need to be paid by money borrowed from his father. Cartlidge had been hoping to emigrate to Canada but is fearful that his conviction may prevent this from happening.

The judge on the case, Robert Trevor-Jones, sentenced Cartlidge to a community order with one year’s duration and also handed down 200 hours of community service. Cartlidge was also ordered to pay a total of £500 in compensation. The judge concluded by outlining the important role played by taxi drivers in society. He sympathised with the vulnerability of drivers, especially those who worked late nights and were responsible for ferrying drunk passengers home. He told Cartlidge that his assault was unexplainable and unacceptable.

Source: thisisstaffordshire.co.uk

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