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Taxi Driver Charged With Rape in Derry | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Driver Charged With Rape in Derry

A woman was raped in Derry’s Galliagh area and a taxi driver who has an address in Donegal has been accused of the crime and was brought to court earlier this week. Kieron Brian Coyle has been charged with raping and assaulting the woman on 15 December 2011. Derry’s Magistrate Court was told by an investigating officer that Mr. Coyle could be connected to the charges.

According to the alleged victim, she flagged a taxi in Derry’s city centre and claims that Mr. Coyle stopped the car in the Galliagh area, jumped into the back seat of the taxi and proceeded to rape her. The alleged victim also claims that 39 year old Mr. Coyle followed her into the street as she fled the car and sexually assaulted her once again. It is also claimed that Mr. Coyle told her not to inform anyone about the incident.

Mr. Coyle, who lives at 65 Forest Park, Killygordon, was identified on CCTV as the driver of the car that the alleged victim got into. After being arrested and interviewed, Mr. Coyle denied the allegations although he did admit to picking the woman up. Police wish to have bail refused as they believe that Mr. Coyle may re-offend or have further contact with his accuser. The investigating officer also stated that Mr. Coyle was previously accused of a similar offence but no action was taken against him at that time.

According to the investigating officer, Mr. Coyle is a ‘predatory attacker’ and is a danger to the female public in general. Other offences attributed to Mr. Coyle will now be investigated. It has also been revealed that Mr. Coyle has been charged and convicted of witness intimidation on another occasion.

Ciaran McGuinness, Mr. Coyle’s defence solicitor, said that his client has a bail address in Strabane with his parents and should be allowed bail so long as he adheres to strict conditions. Mr. McGuinness also stated that his client wouldn’t know his accuser if she stood right in front of him. However, District Judge Barney McElholm refused bail stating that this was a serious allegation and he wasn’t satisfied that strict bail conditions would be enough to allay the fears of the police. Mr. Coyle has now been remanded in custody and will give evidence via video link on 12 January.

Source: DerryJournal.com

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