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Taxi Driver Convicted Of Rape Deported To Pakistan | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Driver Convicted Of Rape Deported To Pakistan

Abid Mahmood, a former taxi driver hailing from Pakistan, has been deported from the UK after being jailed for the rape of a young woman. Mahmood was living in Quarrendon but was given a jail sentence for his vicious assault on the woman in the back of his taxi outside a gym car park. He received a seven and a half year jail sentence with the UK Border Agency sending him back home after he served less than three years. This is normal procedure as any foreign national sentenced to more than 12 months in prison is deported.

After his 2009 attack landed him in jail and led to his eventual deportation, Mahmood left behind his wife and two young children. In a sad twist, one of these children was born on the very day he was convicted. An officer of the Equality and Human Rights Council in Aylesbury, Ranjula Takorda MBE, worked with the wife of Mahmood during the entire case and has been trying to support the devastated young woman. She is of the opinion that Mahmood’s wife will stay in the UK as her children have been born here. Mrs Takorda commented on Mrs. Mahmood’s bravery during what has been a testing time for her family.

The Aylesbury Vale Rape Crisis group has been fulsome in its praise for the judicial system for convicting Mahmood before jailing and deporting him. According to an organisation spokesperson, this was a tremendous result. The spokesperson also praised everyone involved in the case and also stated that the result is a great relief to the victim and her family. It is also likely to be a relief to all the people of Aylesbury who are less frightened because they know he is not around any longer. The spokesperson concluded by saying that the sentence showed rape is taken very seriously by the police and it needs to be because it is a crime that can cause severe psychological problems for victims who are unable to live normal lives.

Bob Ducker, the Detective Sergeant who was in charge of the case, said that the incident had a major effect on the victim. He described it is a terrible and horrific attack on a vulnerable young woman who was using the taxi in order to get home. According to Ducker, Mahmood abused this person’s trust and took advantage of his position. He stated that the woman was given the full support of trained officers and concluded by admitting that they had no previous record of Mahmood committing any crime and no indication that he was capable of such an offence.

Source: bucksherald.co.uk

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