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Taxi Driver In Garden City Victim Of Sudden Attack | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Driver In Garden City Victim Of Sudden Attack

Baber Butt, a taxi driver who was picking up a fare in Garden City, was allegedly viciously assaulted by his drunken passenger in what was described as a vicious, cowardly and completely unprovoked attack. Magistrates in Flintshire were told that the driver suffered a variety of injuries including a loose tooth, cuts to his knees and mouth. Lesley Ann Goff has been accused of carrying out the attack. It is alleged that Goff was the passenger in question and had got into the taxi in Garden City on 11 May.

Brian Cross, who is representing the defendant, claims that his client was actually physically thrown out of the taxi before a fight ensued and Goff hit Butt in what amounted to self-defence. However, Goff completely denies kicking the driver. Butt told magistrates that the two men had talked in the taxi and recalls Goff stating that he wanted something to eat. The driver told his passenger that all takeaways in the area would be closed because it was so late.

It is then alleged that Goff told the driver that he was going the wrong way. At this point, the driver claims that he offered to return the passenger to Chester and would not charge any fare. When they arrived at the destination, the fare was £12.70 but Goff claimed that this money had already been paid. After a brief argument, Butt opened the door for Goff to get out.

Goff went to leave the taxi but then turned around and began hitting the taxi driver repeatedly. Butt was outside the taxi when this occurred and fell to the ground. He alleges that Goff began kicking him while the driver was on the floor. Goff then ran into the hotel while Butt called the police. He was assisted by hotel staff while the police arrived and arrested Goff in one of the hotel rooms. When interviewed, Goff said that he acted in self-defence and had already paid the necessary fare. He stated that the driver asked for extra. According to Andrew Shaw, the District Judge, the evidence would need to be collected before any sentence could be handed out and released Goff on bail though the defendant must attend a future hearing.

Source: dailypost.co.uk

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