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Taxi Driver Stabs Man At BBQ In Chatham | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Driver Stabs Man At BBQ In Chatham

Kefayaat Satiereh is a cab driver from Maidstone and is likely to be given a jail sentence for stabbing a man at a barbecue at a friend’s house. The taxi driver was charged and convicted of unlawful wounding in the incident in Chatham. Sentencing will take place on the week of October 22 as Satiereh is assessed to see if he is a danger to the public. The cab driver denied the charge but was found guilty nonetheless.

Maidstone Crown Court was the scene of the trial and heard how Satiereh argued with Yusef Sadiki before pulling out a knife and thrusting it at Sadiki’s chest. Stephanie Dodd was the prosecutor and said that Safi Husayai invited Sadiki to the barbecue which took place on 4 May 2011. When Sadiki saw the cabbie there, he was immediately concerned because the two men had a history of arguing with one another.

It is alleged that when the cab driver saw Sadiki, he became angry and began shouting at Sadiki before rushing towards him. At this point, Sadiki thought it would be best if he left but Satiereh pulled out a knife and aimed it at Sadiki’s chest. The victim was able to shield himself with his arm which took the force of the strike. Sadiki saw that his arm was bleeding and he ran away to the garden. He was then taken to hospital and treated for wounds.

The cab driver admitted that he did not have a good relationship with Sadiki. He also acknowledged that he was drinking double vodka but was not drunk when he attacked Sadiki. According to the driver, he definitely did not stab the victim and believes that Sadiki did it himself. The defence stated that no knife was found at the scene which means there was no forensic evidence.

Source: kentonline.co.uk

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