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Taxi Drivers Asked For Assistance In Solving Fitzwilliam Robbery Puzzle | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Drivers Asked For Assistance In Solving Fitzwilliam Robbery Puzzle

Cambridge taxi drivers have been asked for their help after several million pounds worth of Chinese art was stolen from the Fitzwilliam Museum in the city. There were 18 pieces of art taken in total with their estimated worth said to be an incredible £18 million. The art was mainly jade sculptures which are part of Cambridge University’s permanent collection.

According to detectives, the robbery occurred on 13 April at 7.30pm. They believe that the thieves managed to penetrate security at the rear end of the museum. It is their opinion that taxi drivers can be of great assistance because they have found videos which suggest that taxi drivers use the back of the museum and the nearby side streets as their turning point. Karen Duber, Detective Chief Superintendent, has called on drivers in the area to cast their minds back to 13 April to see if they remember any unusual activity in the area near the back of the museum.

The police are especially interested in taking to drivers who dropped off passengers in the area between 6-8pm that evening and used side streets to turn around. Thanks to the efforts of police detectives, it has been ascertained that there were four individuals involved in the robbery. The police believe that the thieves were only in the museum for a few minutes before leaving. This means it was a smash and grab or else the thieves knew precisely what they were looking for. Judging by the value of the stolen items, the latter seems far more likely.

Local park-and-ride facilities and car parks are also having their CCTV cameras checked. There are a total of 25 officers on the case which has been given the codename ‘Operation Tundra’. The police have referred to this incident as an ‘exceptional crime’ and are adamant that this case is their top priority.

Source: bbc.co.uk

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