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Taxi Drivers In Leicester Complain About Dangerous Temporary Taxi Rank | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Drivers In Leicester Complain About Dangerous Temporary Taxi Rank

Sir Peter Soulsby, Mayor of Leicester, is in agreement with taxi drivers in Leicester who have pointed out the dangers of a taxi rank located near the train station. Sir Peter stated that the rank, which was set up on a temporary basis during construction work, is not up to health and safety standards. The taxi rank beside the station is closed for the building work so it has been moved to Conduit Street which is located nearby.

Sir Peter continued by saying that the drivers should have been consulted before the rank was put in place originally. He also stated that the drivers were not aware of the fact that the train station taxi rank would not be usable during the construction process. According to Network Rail, it will be at least 6 weeks before taxis are allowed back into the station and could be as many as 10 weeks. Ground work is still ongoing and the scaffolding will have to be removed once the job is completed.

According to a Leicester driver, being forced to perform three point turns in a road that is narrow and busy is dangerous. The driver has seen a couple of near misses already and is convinced that sooner or later, someone will be seriously injured. He continued by saying that unlicensed vehicles are picking up passengers in London Road. This is extremely dangerous because the passengers will not be insured. Conduit Street is filled with delivery lorries, other cars and pedestrians which makes it an unsuitable location for a taxi rank.

According to Paul Southwood, chairman of Leicester’s RMT Union, the city’s drivers care about their customers and don’t want to see them hurt in a preventable accident. The city council’s licensing department have been urged to move the rank to Station Street. However, Sir Peter doesn’t believe this option to be a great deal better. Instead, he wants a meeting between taxi drivers in the city and Network Rail.

Network Rail claim that the council knew about the rank well in advance and agreed with its placement. The council refutes this claim and stated that they only found out about the move a few weeks ago from drivers. According to a spokeswoman for Network Rail, the company care about safety first and foremost but they are not experts on road safety. The spokeswoman went on to say that Network Rail would be happy to discuss new arrangements. The new station should be completed in July and will consist of a glass partition of almost 30 feet in height which is designed to divide shops from the taxi rank and visitor’s area.

Source: thisisleicestershire.co.uk

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