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Taxi Drivers Warned Over Grand National Rip-Off | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Drivers Warned Over Grand National Rip-Off

Liverpool City Council has warned taxi drivers that they will lose their licenses if they are caught charging so-called ‘rip off’ prices to punters attending large events such as the Grand National. The council feels that it has no choice but to get tough on its enforcement policies following a string of complaints from members of the public. Passengers allege that drivers refuse to pick them up unless they agree to pay a fare way beyond the limits imposed by the council.

In actual fact, the complaints have also come from members of the taxi trade who were also quick to point out that the vast majority of drivers charge fair prices. Nonetheless, there is widespread concern that these rogue drivers will give the entire trade in the city a bad name. During events like the Aintree Grand National in April of every year, members of the public are wholly reliant on taxis as their means of transport. The entire Aintree festival lasts for four days and this year saw a huge number of complaints relating to unscrupulous drivers.

Drivers who are caught charging excessive fares will be reported to the city Licensing committee immediately. They may then have their license suspended or even revoked. In Liverpool, all taxis have a set rate of fares clearly displayed and these are the only allowable charges. The public have been told that they should not pay any extra money for charges not on the list. Major events like the Aintree festival do not carry additional charges.

The Council Licensing Unit are to increase the size of the enforcement unit. It is expected that the extra recruits will come from its Street Nuisance Team. All officers in the unit have the authority to carry out enforcement operations relating to taxi licensing. Cab drivers who overcharge passengers will be their main target.

According to John McHale, the Interim Head of Licensing, enforcement activity will increase in a bid to help both the public and legitimate taxi drivers who deserve to be protected from criminal behaviour. McHale went on to say that a huge majority of taxi drivers in Liverpool are a credit to the city and shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush as a handful of drivers who are operating outside of the law. Members of the public have also been encouraged to come forward with information if they know of any drivers operating illegally.

Source: liverpool.gov.uk

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