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Taxi Fares Will Not Rise In Hart During 2013 But Taxi Fees Will Increase | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Fares Will Not Rise In Hart During 2013 But Taxi Fees Will Increase

Councillors in Hart have decided not to increase the existing taxi fares which will come as a blow to local cabbies who have been looking for an increase due to recent rises in the cost of fuel. The last price increase came in December 2011 and since then, there have been significant rises in the cost of fuel and other fees associated with being a cab driver. However, councillors are putting the needs of passengers first and will not increase taxi fares in 2013.

The principal licensing officer of Hart, David King, was in favour of an increase and stated that drivers at the last annual trade meeting were looking for an increase of 20p for the first mile during the day and 30p at night and during weekends/bank holidays. This would have represented a 5% increase on both tariffs which stand at £4 during the day and £6 at night.

King said that he sent a letter to drivers in the area regarding a price increase with over 70% of respondents in favour. He also tried to justify the increase by pointing out that petrol has risen 3p a litre while diesel has risen 3.5p per litre since 2011 according to official average AA figures. He said that the price hike would have come into effect before Christmas if members of the council agreed and if there were no objections from the public. King concluded by saying that taxi drivers can charge less than what is on the meter but can’t charge more than existing tariffs. Therefore, some drivers would probably keep their prices down.

The licensing committee considered the increase and compared the cost of taxis in Hart with other areas in Hampshire. They decided that such a price hike would have too great an impact on the elderly and others on a fixed income. As only 25 drivers responded to King’s letter, the council believed that there is an overall lack of support for the proposed rise. They eventually decided not to increase the taxi fares throughout 2013.

It was also deemed appropriate to consider a fare increase next year to prepare for 2014. Colin Ive is the chairman of the licensing committee and he spoke of his delight regarding the unanimous decision. He said that they took into account the impact that an increase would have on Hart residents that are already struggling financially and also considered the fact that so few taxi drivers spoke out in support of a price hike. The council have also received a recommendation to increase the license fees of Hackney carriages and private hire taxis by 3% to keep them in line with inflation. This decision is likely to be made at the next meeting.

Source: gethampshire.co.uk

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