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Taxi Rank Move Angers Lancaster Drivers, Residents & Passengers | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxi Rank Move Angers Lancaster Drivers, Residents & Passengers

Lancaster City Council have shown a remarkable penchant for poor decision making. When it comes to the taxi trade, it is inevitable that some people will be angered by any decision whether it is cabbies annoyed by insurance increases or passengers because they are forced to pay extra for their cab ride. However, these decisions normally have proponents too which is why Lancaster City Council’s decision to move the area’s main taxi rank to Dalton Square is such a spectacular mistake. It seems as if no one is in favour as passengers, cabbies and residents alike clamour to complain!

The city’s taxi rank is usually located in Damside Street which is beside the main bus station but it is being moved to Dalton Square as of February 2013. United Utilities are carrying out sewer work and it could be two years before it is completed. Cab drivers wanted the taxi rank to be moved to Church Street and were unimpressed by proposals to move it to New Road because of its cobbled and steep road. However, they are even less impressed by the council’s decision to use Dalton Square instead, a move cabbies say will cost them in the long run.

Nine taxi bays will be created on the street alongside the area’s GP surgery. There are currently double yellow lines there. Across the road there are 34 parking spaces, many of which are used by disabled individuals while there are also a pair of spaces reserved for the GPs. The choice of Dalton Square for the new taxi rank has raised a number of concerns, not least the reduction in accessibility for the local doctors and for disabled passengers.

Drivers are also unhappy because the new rank choice could lead to a loss of income for them since the rank is located away from the bus station and the area’s one way system. Businesses in the vicinity of Dalton Square are unhappy because they may lose customers because it will be difficult for them to park due to the space taken up by the taxi rank. Residents are unhappy because parents with pushchairs who are used to catching a taxi at the old rank will find it hard to make it to Dalton Square. All in all, the Lancaster City Council have made a major error in their cab rank choice.

Source: lancasterguardian.co.uk

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