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Taxis In Glasgow Given Overhaul For Health And Safety Reasons | Taxi Rank

Hot! Taxis In Glasgow Given Overhaul For Health And Safety Reasons

Glasgow Taxis Ltd., the largest taxi firm in the city, has invested almost £2 million on new technology which they hope will improve the safety of drivers and passengers. The firm have added new IT despatch and phone systems and have also come up with a booking system which tracks the live movements of vehicles. More than 500 taxi radios have also been renewed as the company looks to maintain its hold as the number one taxi firm in Glasgow.

However, this is only the beginning as far as the company is concerned. Their website will be redeveloped and there will even be a new booking app for customers with iPhones and Androids. This is an extremely clever move when you consider the Smartphone’s rise.

According to Stephen Flynn, vice chairman of Glasgow Taxis, this huge investment is part of the company’s drive towards a new level of customer service and safety. He is confident that it will be money well spent as it modernises the business and ensures that the company is capable of providing the best possible service to its customers. Mr. Flynn also said that in the last few months, the firm have received more than half a million calls. This huge number of customers were easily dealt with because the call centre staff of Glasgow Taxis received additional training.

Mr. Flynn admitted that there were some initial challenges when it came to dealing with the sheer volume of calls but they soon figured it out. Glasgow Taxis was formed in 1997 when many of the city’s major firms joined forces. There are more than 1,000 taxis currently operating under the company name in the city.

Source: bbcnews.co.uk

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